Konrote: Stimulate high productivity through greater innovation

Update: 5:09PM WITH Fiji’s worker labour productivity growth standing at 1.1 per cent over the last 10 years, it is imperative that our collective goal is to develop policies that will stimulate higher productivity through greater innovation.

This was the message from President Jioji Konrote in his official address at the Fiji Business Excellence Awards last night.

Mr Konrote said the topics of poverty eradication, employment creation, and economic growth could not be talked about in the absence of innovation, and Fiji depended on the ability of local organisations to be creative in order for their economy to continue to prosper.

“Companies should have the ability to adapt to global business trends and quickly adjust to the fast-changing business landscape that technology brings with it. World-class companies never fail to display a remarkable resilience and the ability to bounce back from any adversity,” he said.

“If you focus on developing your people, processes, and products by making them relevant, productive and adaptable, you will create a sustainable organisation that rapidly responds to changes and not be intimidated by others or any type of situation you are faced with.”

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