Knowing your child’s rights

MOST parents do not know the rights of their children nor their responsibilities.

Responding to questions from this newspaper on concerns of parents regarding their fear to discipline children because of their rights, director Social Welfare Rupeni Fatiaki said the ministry understood the fear that most parents faced, especially when it came to children’s rights.

Mr Fatiaki said most parents did not know the rights of their children nor their responsibilities.

“It is important for them to know so they will be able to understand and work out a positive environment where there is respect and understanding between them and their children,” he said.

“The message must be made clear to parents that there is a better way to raise our children, but it must take a change in mind-set.

“The ministry is making every effort to take this message to the community through its positive parenting package.

“It has engaged the partnership of non-governmental organisations using their existing and broader platform and audience as a vehicle to disseminate this information.”

These views had even been voiced through the Cakaudrove, Bua and Macuata provincial council meetings.

Concerned parent Asinate Boleibau said parents such as her feared to discipline their children because of the rights that children were given nowadays.

Another parent, Rajendra Kumar of Batinikama in Labasa, said he was going to discipline his children because they were his responsibility.

“If I have to go to jail, I will, because I have a duty to discipline my children when they do something wrong,” he said.

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