Know your rights

Esther Suguturaga is an advocate of children’s rights. Picture: SITERI SAUVAKACOLO

ESTHER Suguturaga grew up in a strict Christian family background where biblical teachings were a vital part of their daily upbringing.

Her parents instilled in her and her three elder siblings the important life values such as respect, humility and love.

As time went on and she joined a secondary school, she began to learn new things such as children’s rights.

As a young girl, the Qalikarua, Matuku lass from Lau wanted to know more about this right as it was something she never learnt at home and it was a new experience for her hearing her friends talk about it.

“I grew up in a family where my mother used to say that there is no such thing as children’s rights and were taught biblical teachings,” Ms Suguturaga said.

“I wanted to understand more about children’s rights so I decided to join Kids Link as it gives me an opportunity to learn more.

“I took this as an opportunity to let young people understand their rights and most of all learn the importance of obeying their elders and not let these rights get in the way.”

The former Tilak High School student developed this love a few years ago and she hopes it will go a long way.”

She believes rights come with responsibilities.

“Kids think that when they have rights, they can do whatever they want, it’s not… each right comes with responsibility.”

She is an aspiring human resource personnel.

In December last year, she graduated from Kids Link Fiji which gave her more opportunity to explore this topic of interest with children around Fiji.

This was after she completed all required surveys in rural communities.

Whatever awaits Ms Suguturaga in her new academic world will not stop her from being an advocate of children’s rights and what better way it can be utilised.

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