Knights after win

It’s been 604 days, but who’s really counting?

Knights fans are, that’s who.

604 days since the Knights have put two wins on the board in a season after only managing to conjure up one victory in 2016. They got their first win of 2017 against the Titans in Round 2, snapping a 19-game losing streak, but the Novocastrians will know based on last year’s results the second victory can be even harder to come by. The Knights have showed signs of being a more competitive outfit this season but forward Jack Stockwell admits it is time to convert that into results.

“We are putting in so much effort and everyone can see that and the fans can see that,” Stockwell said.

“We are just falling short in a couple of areas which is letting us down and not taking opportunities when they come, and that’s always going to cost you in the end.

“We certainly know we’ve got to do that little bit more to try and get those wins on the board.”

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