Kirti achieves goal

BEING visually impaired has not stopped 21-year-old Kavita Kirti from achieving her goal of becoming an accountant.

Ms Kirti, who is now a final year Bachelor of Commerce student at the Fiji National University, was among the thousands of schoolchildren around the country, who had been assisted by the Foundation for the Education of Needy Children (FENC) Fiji.

She was assisted by the charitable organisation in 2013 and 2014.

According to Ms Kirti, her father died in 2011 and she was brought up by her mother.

“I wanted to study further and I did not have that kind of assistance financially, so we saw an advertisement about FENC Fiji on TV and we applied and that’s how I got it,” she said.

“It was my final year to complete my secondary education to go to tertiary and FENC Fiji helped me do it by providing everything for me.

“Their help has brought me this far, to a place I only dreamt of.”

She said she looked forward to giving back to the organisation when she graduated.

Ms Kirti has also challenged students of similar condition, saying that if she could come this far, they could too.

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