Kiribati multi-million dollar outer islands project will commence by early next year 2019

TARAWA, KIRIBATI - 2015/09/24: (Photo by Jonas Gratzer/LightRocket via Getty Images)

TARAWA, 24 AUGUST 2018 (KIRIBATI GOVT) – Kiribati Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Development has clearly indicated a multi-million-dollar outer islands project for the tar-sealed public roads and runways on all the outer islands will commence by early next year 2019.

Minister Ruateki Tekaiara explains the selection of companies who have provided their bids and proposals in purchasing materials and heavy machines to be used in the project as required under the procurement act has just ended.

Minister Tekaiara says the first phase of the outer island project on public roads and runways is jointly funded by the Government of Kiribati contributing AUD$30 million (US$21 million) and AUD$40 million (US$28 million) from the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.

This multi-million dollar project is part of this Government’s political manifesto to further elevate the standard of living in the outer islands and to fast-track developments by the Private Sectors and Government in the outer islands as roads and runways will be built to a standard that is compatible to the durability of the tar-sealed roads and runways.

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