Kiribati Government launches first ever climate change policy

TARAWA, 03 JULY 2018 (AKAT NEWSLETTER) – The Government of Kiribati has launched its first ever climate change policy with a strong focus on safeguarding the present and future existence of the Pacific Island nation.

The new plan recognises the need to protect the island nation, its people, culture, environment, its development progress and aspirations in light of the impacts of climate change and related disaster risks.

The policy outlines the current situation and depicts the vulnerabilities of Kiribati and its people with strong emphasis on the need to catalyse action through a whole of country approach.

The Government recognises the severe impacts of climate change on our islands and livelihood and the slow and sudden onset that become barriers towards achieving Kiribati’s development aspirations as a country and people. However, the action undertaken at the international level has been disappointingly slow and has not made an impact felt by our communities at the national level.

The priorities for action presented in the policy carry the voice and collective will of the people which were a result of an extensive national consultation to address climate change impacts through Adaptation, Mitigation and Disaster Risk Management. The policy will also serve as a compass and national guide for all its partners on the delivery of their programmes.

The Government strongly calls on everyone’s support and collective effort at the national, regional and international level in implementing the new climate change plan.

President Taneti Maamau emphasised his Government remains committed to strengthening existing partnerships and stand ready to work with anyone who are ready to partner with in its journey and fight against climate change and its impacts on the people of Kiribati.

The launch of the policy also follows the launch of the country’s first long term development plan known as the Kiribati Vision for 20 years (KV20) which set out an ambitious but achievable accelerated development plan focusing on fisheries and tourism to transform Kiribati into a resilient nation where people will enjoy a healthy, wealthy and peaceful life.

The KV20 and the climate change policy is a stern reminder that the government of Kiribati will not give up its homeland, its heritage and its pride.

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