Kiribati changes climate narrative

Update: 11:02AM BOLDLY announcing a change of narrative about his country’s situation in the face of climate change, Kiribati President Taneti Maamau told world leaders at the high level segment of COP23 on Wednesday the world could not afford to wait.

Maamau said the world had gone past debates and called on nations to
demonstrate the commitments they made in Paris in 2015.

leader of the country widely accepted as facing the most devastating impacts of
climate change said actions with impact should be the critical task of COP23.

want to make it very clear at the outset that my Government has decided to put
aside the misleading and pessimistic scenario of a sinking/deserted nation, and
has replaced it with a bold scenario filled with great faith in the Mighty
Hand, that made our islands, coupled with our people’s unwavering love for
their home land, and great determination to fight and/or adapt to climate
change, with the help and support of our international partners and the entire
world community,” President Maamau said.

Government is calling on this Conference, to recognize the significance of this
new policy as a platform for the Kiribati Government’s ambitious 20 year plan
or KV20, to build and develop the nation in the face of climate change – that
focuses on harnessing our resources on fisheries and tourism.”

195 countries will make their national statements through the night and
continue tomorrow in the high level segment of the two-week COP23.

meeting ends Saturday.

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