King of sevens

I read with interest the new book titled Waisale Serevi: King of sevens.

It did bring back memories of the good old days when television was not in Fiji and rugby fans relied entirely on the voice of Graham Eden.

Back in 1989, William Sinclair kept telling us to watch for a player by the name of Waisale and he boasted Fiji had the ability to defeat the invincible New Zealand team.

I can also still quite clearly recall the expression on the faces of our elders, the excitement and disbelief, as Graham Eden mentioned a Waisale had goosestepped his way past the then master of the goosestep, David Campese of Australia.

The rest is history as it was a turning point in Fiji rugby history when people of all walks of life at home began to take much more interest in our national sevens team.

The playing days for the gentleman from Gau may be over but his legacy lives on.

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