Kids late at low tide

FIBREGLASS boats which transport Vio Island students to Lautoka are dragged to the water level when it’s low tide because most are beached by the tide running out causing students to be late for school.

This has been affecting more than 30 students living on the island just off Lautoka for many years.

Village headman Semi Mana said this was a major problem their students encountered and teachers were informed of this problem whenever students were late.

He also noted heavy rain, which happened from time to time, was also one of the reasons for students arriving late at school.

“The only source of transportation to and from Lautoka are these boats, therefore, when a problem occurs, our students are affected,” Mr Mana said.

“But when it’s high tide, everything is good and our students would arrive in school on time.

“But when it’s low tide and sometimes during heavy rain, as we have been experiencing in the past two months, our students are really affected as it will take time for them to get to Lautoka and sometimes the sea is really rough during unfavourable weather.”

More than 30 primary and secondary school students live on Vio Island which is less than a five-minute boat ride from the Fisheries Wharf in Lautoka.

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