Kidney dialysis patients eligible for treatment from December

Nephrologist specialist Dr Amrish Krishnan. Picture: SUPPLIED

KIDNEY dialysis patients in Viti Levu will be eligible for the $75 kidney dialysis treatment from December.

This was confirmed by nephrologist specialist Dr Amrish Krishnan who is now working with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services and is being assigned to develop the Government’s kidney dialysis unit.

Dr Krishnan confirmed that as for now the subsidy was only applicable to government facilities.

“The subsidy is only accessible to government facilities and at the moment it is only the one in Labasa,” he said. Dr Krishnan said the national centre that will be opened in Nadera later this year will allow kidney dialysis patients to have access to the $75 treatment.

“As soon as the national centre opens they will be able to access this assistance and for now it is just Labasa.”

He said there were a lot of variations in the prices from private providers.

“The national centre will be open in Nadera and we have ordered the machines and equipments for it so we are just waiting for that to get finalised and arrive.”

Dr Krishnan added that kidney dialysis patients in Viti Levu were still paying $250 for their treatment and $220 at the private hubs.

Meanwhile, Minister for Health and Medical Services Rosy Akbar earlier stated that the Ministry of Health would cater for other costs of kidney dialysis through subsidising from the $3.5m allocated for this.

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