Kidney dialysis allocations welcomed

Kidney patient and Sigatoka farmer Samuel Dyer, 58, with his family. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE $2 million allocation for seven dialysis machines avaialble in the coutry has been welcomed by kidney patients around the country.

For kidney patient and Sigatoka farmer, Samuel Dyer, the burden of having to fork out $400 weekly for two dialysis sessions was a little too much to bear at times, but his life depended on it.

He said the announcement by Economy Minister and Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum on Thursday during the 2018/2019 National Budget address was an early birthday gift for him.

Mr Dyer celebrates his 59th birthday next month.

“It’s really a good news for us because for us we have to pay so much for our life,” he said.

“We need three dialysis sessions per week and at the Kidney Hub we pay $200 per session, so most of us gamble with only two sessions per week.”

He said before the opening of the Kidney Hub located along Rewa St in Suva, that most patients had no choice but to pay $250 for dialysis treatment and that was the cost for one session.

Mr Dyer said news of Government further subsiding cost for those earning less than $30,000 as household combined income, was a breath of fresh air.

“Most of us we can’t afford this treatment, but we have no choice, some are lucky they have family members overseas who help pay for their treatments, but for the poor people, this is really good news.”

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said four machines will be placed at a facility in Suva, and three in Nadi.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services was allocated $382m in the 2018/2019 budget.

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