Kiala Lusaka murder trial: Shocking revelations in murder trial involving Congolese national

Kiala Henry Lusaka outside the High Court in Suva. Picture: VISHAAL KUMAR/FILE

A Congolese national accused of murdering his 44-year-old wife in 2019 had sent a photo of her slain body to her father via Facebook with the caption, “I win, you lose”.

Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions Elizabeth Rice told the High Court in Suva that when police found Jennifer Downes, she was lying face-up on the floor with coins covering her eyes.

The State’s first witness, police Sergeant Laisa Yalimaiwai, also told the court Kiala Lusaka had threatened police officers during his caution interviews.

Sgt Yalimaiwai said during the interview, the accused stood up, pointed at police officers and threatened to kill them.

She said she was frightened by Mr Lusaka’s actions.

Mr Lusaka’s interview was conducted over three days.

A video recording played in court showed the accused asking why he was being questioned as he had been hospitalised for four weeks.

Ms Rice told the court all had not been well with the couple’s marriage and she said Ms Downes was the breadwinner in the family.

The court was informed Mr Lusaka had accused Ms Downes of having an extramarital affair and blamed her for the failure of their marriage.

Ms Rice said the deceased had extensive defensive injuries on her hands and the accused had intended to cause her death by manually strangling her.

Mr Lusaka was further remanded.

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