Keep your drains and sinks clear

YOU could avoid the hassle of a clogged drain by paying attention to what goes down in it.

Yes, clogged drains are a hassle!

Avoid costly repairs by following very easy steps from website

“You can buy chemicals to clear clogged drains, but these products sometimes do more harm than good,” reported the website. “They can actually erode cast-iron drainpipes and because they typically don’t remove the entire clog, the problem is likely to recur, causing you to use the chemicals repeatedly.

“The caustic action of chemicals may eventually wear away the insides of pipes, causing leaks.”

Prevent clogged drains

1. Clogged drains aren’t just nuisances. Backed-up water puts added pressure on wastepipes, stressing them and shortening their lifespan. To avoid clogged drains:

2. Keep food scraps out of kitchen drains.

Scrape food into the trash before doing dishes-even if you have a disposal-and never put liquid grease down the drain; pour it into a sealable container to put in the garbage after it cools.

3. Keep hair out of bathroom drains. Install screens over drains in showers and tubs, and pull out what hair you can every few weeks to prevent buildups.

4. Keep anything but sewage and TP out of toilets.

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