Keep our young athletes

THERE is a need for the Athletics Fiji to sustain the young athletes in the sport so they could represent Fiji in future says national athletics coach Albert Miller.

Miller was monitoring the young athletes in action during the 2017 Central Chow Games which took place at the ANZ Stadium in Suva on Saturday.

“In Fiji we are very lucky to have the secondary and primary school athletics associations which play a vital role in the development of athletics and for the parent body we need to support in anyway possible either through education to the coaches or coaching clinics to the young athletes,” he said.

“In order for us to take athletics to another level we need to have a talent identification program and if you look around we have got some very talented kids.

“We need to do our home work and start working and throw in money for the program to run as the young kids will end up in secondary schools and the national level.”

Miller said Fiji had a lot of potential in sports.

“There are a lot of competitions from other sports rugby league, rugby union and soccer and there are some kinds of organised programs which they are following and for us in athletics we need to work with the primary and secondary schools to ensure the sports survived. If we have a good base then the best athletes will be at the top so it is very important,” he said.

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