Keep Easter simple

The long weekend is a great time to catch up with family and friends.

After stressful times away from loved ones due to work, more than often these weekend can become expensive affairs placing a dent in your wallet.

But there are many ways to keep children entertained without breaking the bank and Zurich Insurance shares ways to keep the family occupied during the Easter holiday without costing a fortune.

1. Explore nature as a family

The Easter weekend is a great time to explore the outdoors withyour family by a walk at places like My Suva Park or the forest in Coloisuva where you can all take a swim.

2. Get creative this Easter

If you have children to entertain then a great way to do so is to think creativelyfrom decorating eggs, painting picture frames to making Easter bunnies together.

3. Art and craft ideas

Create a fantastic blank canvas for little artists, and you can source everything you need without extra cost.

4. Cooking the family roast

Watch your spending. It is sometimes difficult when you’re entertaining, so make sure you shop around and take a list with you. Don’t be caught out on deals that you might not need.

Take a list and stick to it and think about whether that deal really is getting you better value for money. Enjoy Easter. Be simple and appreciate your family as life is too short and love is not all about being extravagant!

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