Keep dreaming, says Sudhakar

A 42-inch flat screen television and a Blu-bay DVD player or a Samsung S8 Smartphone.

That is what FijiFirst MP Ashneel Sudhakar says the Government is giving back to Fijian citizens earning $100,000 — with the raising of the tax threshold.

He made the comparison in Parliament yesterday saying if a person earned $100,000 and had a spouse, who earned the same, the combined savings on PAYE would be $3720.

Mr Sudhakar said the lifting of the PAYE Tax threshold from $16,000 to $30,000 was the sign of a strong economy.

He also questioned the Opposition on why previous Governments such as those led by the SDL did not provide the same relief to citizens.

Mr Sudhakar said under the SDL Government in 2001, only people earning below $6500 were exempt from income tax.

“If you were a nurse earning $15,000 you would be paying income tax of $1775 or 12 per cent of your income. If you were a school- teacher earning $18,000, the income tax would be a whopping $2525 or 14 per cent of your salary.

“If by some fortune you were earning $40,000 you would be paying $9825 in taxes or 25 per cent of your income.

“A quarter of your income went in taxes. At $40,000 you are now required to pay just $1800. A savings of a massive $8025. If this is not a benefit then what is it?”

Mr Sudhakar also questioned the Opposition on where their ideas were when the SODELPA frontrunner SDL party had formed Government.

“Why is that when PM Bainimarama does something good then you wake up and say we can do it too?

“Where were all the good ideas from 2001 — 2006? I say again, keep dreaming.”

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