‘Keep chasing your dreams and hard work’

The graduates during the USP graduation at FMF Gymnasium. Picture: RAMA

ANTONIO TUVICI has been wheel-chair bound for most of his life but that did not deter him from attaining his Bachelor of Commerce.

Mr Tuvici was among the 595 students who graduated from the University of the South Pacific’s Faculty of Business and Economics held at the FMF Gymnasium in Suva yesterday.

He said although the journey for him to attain his degree was difficult he did not give up.

“One of the greatest challenges is my disability I cannot walk and I am on a wheel chair so it’s difficult to get around,” he said.

“You need to keep chasing for your dreams and work hard, anything is possible.”

He acknowledges the support of his parents, USP’s disability resource center and his friends.

Vice Chancellor and President of USP Professor Pal Ahluwalia said this year’s September graduation saw one of the highest number of graduates for USP.

“This graduation will see 1735 graduates receive their certificates, diplomas and degrees, one of the highest so far for USP, therefore the graduation is being held over 2 days and in 3 sessions reflecting a consistent and significant increase in the number of graduates over the years,” he said.

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