Kava seller anticipates border opening

Suva municipal market vendor Ram Chandar Govind arranging kava roots (waka) for sale. Picture: FILE/JOVESA NAISUA

A Nausori family of seven is surviving on $40 a week and finding it hard to make ends meet.

Hemmant Kumar said he couldn’t wait for the Suva containment border to open so he could resume his kava business at the Suva Municipal Market.

“I have a kava stall in the Suva market but because of the COVID-19 containment, I can’t go there and my family is suffering,” the 42-year-old said.

In a bid to feed his family, Mr Kumar sold off whatever kava he had at his Lakena home and bought groceries. “The kava sales are down because people don’t like drinking it alone.

“My wife is the only one earning now, but she only works two days a week because of COVID-19 and only gets $40 a week. “When she gets paid, we buy the important things our children need.

“From my previous earnings and some savings, I managed to buy groceries, but that only lasted for one week.”

Mr Kumar said his wife’s $40 also had to provide for her transport to and from work.

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