Karen lives a healthy life

Update: 1:11PM KAREN Michelle Krishnan, a health education consultant living in Nauru says living a healthy life will help one achieve positive results.

The mother of two said her inspiration comes from experience of working with mothers who dream of being healthy.

“In my field of work, I meet a lot of mums who talk about their dreams of being healthy or going back to pre-baby size or even running in the Suva Marathon but they don’t believe they can do any of this because now they are mothers,” she said.

“So I run to inspire them. If I, as a local mum can participate in the Suva Marathon, so can they.”

She added that running in the marathon provides participants with the opportunity to test their limits.

“I highly recommend everyone to join the 2018 Suva Marathon.  Come with friends and family and do the event together.”

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