Kapoor aspires to be Fiji’s first port engineer

Varun Sandeep Kapoor. Picture: SUPPLIED

“I ASPIRE to be Fiji’s first port engineer.”

These were the words of Varun Sandeep Kapoor who is a recipient of a scholarship to study in China for two years to attain a Masters in civil engineering.

The 30-year-old who has already been to China said he had enjoyed his stay in China for five years when he had gone to complete his degree, and in the process also learnt the Chinese language.

Mr Kapoor acknowledged his family for their support and said they were more relaxed now compared to his first China trip when they were very nervous for him.

He sid as the maintenance engineer for Fiji Ports Corporation, he felt privileged to have a good job after returning from China last year.

Mr Kapoor said he would go back to Fiji Ports after attaining his Masters in Civil Engineering.

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