Kalouniwai dismisses rumours

Soldiers taking part in next week's Fiji Day celebrations during a choir practise following their parade practise at Subrail Park. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI/FILE

THE Republic of Fiji Military Forces chief of staff Brigadier General Jone Kalouniwai has dismissed rumours that the 19 soldiers taken to the Labasa Police Station cell earlier this month have been sacked.

Brig-Gen Kalouniwai said the 19 were part of the contingent conducting training operations in the North after the Fiji Day celebration. He said the soldiers would face disciplinary actions after the exercise on Vanua Levu.

“We have not sacked any of the 19 officers yet as they will only undergo disciplinary actions,” he said.

“Once the exercise is completed then we will proceed with the disciplinary actions.”

Brig-Gen Kalouniwai said the training operations that began after the Fiji Day celebration would end today.

“On Friday we will be marking the remembrance day for soldiers killed during the mutiny at Delainabua in November 2000 with a service,” he said.

“The normal remembrance which is celebrated around the world falls on the 11th of November.

“Wives of those soldiers killed during the mutiny will join us in commemorating the lives and sacrifices of their late husbands.”

Brig-Gen Kalouniwai added they had achieved the outcomes of the training operations carried out during the past few weeks.