Kalabu Year 13 graduates celebrate success

Head Boy Josefa Vuidreketi receives his prizes today. Picture: SUPPLIED

Speaker of Parliament Doctor Jiko Luveni has described the graduation of Year 13 students at Kalabu Secondary School today as a celebration of achievement and success.

Addressing about 200 guests and students, Dr Luveni said it was also a time of recognition.

“This is recognition of targets set and goals achieved and I am immensely proud of you all,” she said.

“I am struck by confident, self-assured young people who graduate every year from school. Through the hard work and dedication to the importance of education, we have academic celebrities who have been rewarded today for their high-level performances achieved through dedication and a desire to excel.

“My sincere congratulations to all of you awards winners today and we are all proud of you.”

The school’s head boy, Josefa Vuidreketi, and head girl Sofaia Ledua received prestigious awards during their Year 13 graduation ceremony.

For Josefa, his aim is to join the University of the South Pacific and pursue a study that will allow him to become a Biosecurity officer.

“I am super excited of my achievement and I attribute it to my parents who have been so supportive all the way up until today,” he said.

For Sofaia, her tertiary studies is an important aspect of her career path.

“I want to become a doctor and this achievement is a clear indication for me to seriously concentrate on my studies,” she said.

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