Kaji Rugby: Nasinu works to complete competition after late start

Necani Saurara of Bishop Kempthan Memorial School tries to get past the Delainamasi Government School defence in the U12 match of the Nasinu Kaji Rugby weekly competition at the Assemblies of God High School grounds in Kinoya on Saturday, June 16, 2018. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

NASINU Kaji Rugby Association is working hard to complete their competition in the next three weeks after it started late due to the bad weather in the past weeks.

Association president Inia Rasogosogo said the teams showed a lot of good competition against their respective oppositions.

“We could not have the competition started earlier because of the bad weather so we had teams playing three games each to cover up for last couple of weeks,” he said.

“We have three more weeks to complete the round robin competition and the challenge matches. I am sure we will be able to complete the competition on time with the way we are going since we would be having three matches in every grade for the team we would be able to finish on time.”

Rasogosogo said he was happy with the response of the teams competing in the competition.

“Our under-11 team, under-10 and under-13 lost to Suva in the national competition, however, this year we will be having a central competition in week 11,” he added.

“We want to finish the competition by week eight so the teams have two weeks to prepare for the central meet in week 11.

“We have under-9 and under-10 taking part in Get into Rugby and for under-12 and under-14 girls are also part of GIR. We have under-11, under-12, under 13 and under-14 are playing in contact rugby while the other two which includes under-9 and under-10 and the girls are competing in tag rugby.”

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