Kaji Rugby: Central Division tournament postponed due to bad weather

A Serua player tries to outpace his Wainimala marker during the Central Division Kari Rugby Under 10 finals at the muddy St Marchellin Primary School grounds in Vatuwaqa today. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

The Central Division Kaji Rugby tournament has been postponed until further notice.

This was confirmed by tournament officials due to adverse weather experienced in the Capital City today.

The officials and referees had called off the games as weather worsened.

Central Division Kaji Rugby Association president Pauliasi Koroi said the change in weather today was a hindrance for the second day of the tournament.

“This second day of competition was unfortunate because of the change in weather and the ground conditions.”

The tournament was reaching its elimination rounds when it was called off.

The bad weather however failed to dampen the spirits of some of the young ruggers who competed in today’s tournament.