Kaila! Star Search final audition

Lani Makosoi performs during the Kaila! Star Search audition in Suva. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

WITH more than 100 talented auditions the judges now have the tough job of selecting only the top 25 for this year’s Kaila! Star Search.
Speaking to The Fiji Times, Savuto Vakadewavosa, who is the consultant of the team, said with its 11th year running they have noticed a growth in talent for individuals who had come to audition.
“Being the longest running talent show in the country, this year I believe it only gets better and one thing that we’ve learned through the years is the talents get better through the years,” Vakadewavosa said.
He said this platform had used amazing artists such as Jed Taylor, Ilisavani Cava and Jasmine Duxbury to further their talents.
“This is a very exciting year for Kaila! Star Search 2018 this is its 11th year and we’re very grateful to The Fiji Times and the Hibiscus Events Group for continuing to create a platform for more talents to showcase their talents,” he said.
“A lot of acts throughout the years have not only used this platform to showcase their talent but to also further their passion in the arts. Kaila! has moulded acts and boosted the confidence of the acts to further their talent.”
With the last round of auditions held last week Vakadewavosa adds this year majority are singing acts and the public should anticipate yet another great year for Kaila! Star Search.

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