Kaila! show sells out

LAST night’s Kaila! Star Search competition was a sell-out as excited fans turned up to watch 15 contestants vie for a semi-final spot on July 27.

Only 10 contestants will make it to the next stage.

Competition co-ordinator Savuto Vakadewavosa said the show was now at its peak with contestants showcasing their skills hoping to impress the judges.

“It has always been the case, now that we’re eyeing people for the semi-final stage, our artistes are now giving us all they have. And it’s wonderful to see them being creative in their performances,” Vakadewavosa said.

“They are really coming out of their comfort zone and we’re impressed with that.”

Vakadewavosa said last night’s show was testament that the event was really assisting budding talents as most chose to sing live.

“In last night’s show, only two singers sang with track music.

“Others sang live with someone playing an instrument while they sang. That is amazing,” he said.

“The dancers are now doing other dances they thought they would never be comfortable doing.”

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