Kaila! News: The 12 year old farmer

Ratu Nacani Virivirisai with two bundles of waka at his home in Daviqele Village in Kadavu. Picture: SIKELI QOUNADOVU

AT Daviqele Village in the district of Nabukelevu on Kadavu, as the sun set on a Saturday afternoon, young Ratu Nacani Virivirisai was spotted taking yaqona back into the house.
As a 12-year-old, Ratu Nacani already has his future mapped out.
“I would like to be a solider when I grow up. I help out with my father on the farm and I have my own small tavioka plantation,” said the Year 7 student of Nabukelevu District School.
“I love to go to my farm but I also love to play with my friends,” he added with a smile.
A visit around the village saw children all helping their parents prepare yaqona for the market.
Since Severe Tropical Cyclone Keli had destroyed their farms, villagers were forced to uproot their yaqona plants or risk losing them.
“This is our main source of income and it has helped put food on the table and send our children to school,” said Daviqele Village headman Tevita Tuirabe.

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