Kaila! News: Tawake District School

Students and teachers of Tawake District School. Picture SOPHIE RALULU

OVERLOOKING the islands of Rabi and Taveuni, students of Tawake District School certainly have a million dollar view from the hilltop of their classrooms.
Located in the district of Tawake in Cakaudrove, the 50 students of this rural primary school are surely excited they have visitors.
About a four-hour drive from Labasa Town, the school was established in the 1930s but in the village of Tawake.
School headteacher Dharmendra Datt described their school surrounding as the best in Fiji.
“We enjoy the sea breeze every day and we have such beautiful scenery from our school,” he said.
“When we have good weather, we can see Taveuni Island and Natewa Bay as well so it’s also part of learning about the islands and villages.
“The school is a boarding one as well so we have students from villages of Wainigadru, Lagi and surrounding settlements along this coast of Tawake.”
For their boarders, Mr Datt said parents helped with cooking the meals.
“They all have turns and most of these parents are from Tawake Village so we provide the food for them to cook,” he said.
“These parents are also helpful as they also bring root crops, fish and vegetables when they want to and we are blessed to have good parents.”
The school has composite classes with four teachers who take cares of the students.
“We have the students of Years 1 and 2 sharing the same room with one teacher, Years 3 and 4 have one teacher, Years 5 and 6 also with one teacher and the same for Years 7 and 8,” Mr Datt said.
“The students do very well with exams and academic performance is also good.”

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