Kaila! News: Kid with no fear

Setareki Rika, left, and his younger brother Marika Rokovesa return home with their firewood. Picture: SIKELI QOUNADOVU

IN the scorching heat during lunch time on a Saturday, young Setareki Rika walked along the gravel with firewood on his shoulder.
Behind him, was his younger brother Maika Rokovesa while his mother and two other younger siblings were about a kilometre behind them with the firewood collected from the nearby bush.
The lad from Cevai in Tavuki on Kadavu smiled and stopped for a rest, and shared his first experience of a major cyclone.
“During Cyclone Keni we all left our home and ran to church, I told my siblings ‘do not be afraid’.
“I was not scared,” said the Year 6 Ravitaki District School student.
Asked what he wanted to become when he grew up he said he wanted to be a police officer.
“Because I want to help protect the law,” he said with a smile.

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