Juveniles cop suspended terms

Two juveniles who stole $217 worth of liquor from a restaurant in Sigatoka were sentenced to one year and 10 months imprisonment, suspended for three years.

The incident happened in November 2020 when the duo were 14 years old.

Both pleaded guilty to the offence and the High Court in Lautoka noted they fully understood the nature of the charges and consequences of pleading guilty.

“I am sure both the juveniles with parental and family guidance, supervision and support have a bright future ahead of them, hence an imprisonment term will not augur well for their future,” said Justice Sunil Sharma in his December 22 ruling.

“Let me remind both the juveniles that leading a life within the boundaries of criminal activities do not assist, it only takes a person deeper and deeper into a world of uncertainty and misery. Society does not condone such activities and this court also denounces such behaviour.”

The court ordered the parents or the next of kin of the juveniles to sign a good behaviour bond of $500 each.

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