Judge: Trust breached

HIGH Court judge Justice Vincent Perera yesterday told the man who raped his seven-year-old niece that he brought discredit to all the Ta levus (uncles) and, in general, all adult members in his society because of his action.

He sentenced the 42-year-old rapist to 14 years and five months imprisonment.

The incident took place at a village in Tailevu last year.

Justice Perera said, during the case, it was submitted in the victim impact statement that his conduct had led not only the victim but also her parents to lose trust on the male family members.

He told the rapist that he was the victim’s father’s elder brother and was expected to protect the victim, but he became a predator and exploited the victim when her parents were away.

Justice Perera also ordered the man not to have any form of contact with the victim directly or by any other means.

The man will be eligible for parole after serving 12 years and five months behind bars.

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