Judge reverses bail ruling

HIGH Court judge Justice Daniel Goundar yesterday reversed a ruling by the Suva Magistrates Court that granted bail to two Cyprus nationals facing 293 counts of money laundering.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions had appealed against the bail ruling.

Justice Goundar in his judgment said if the magistrate had assessed the structure of the case well, then he could have concluded with the fact that there was a possibility that the respondents would not be present for the trial.

He said the magistrate made an error of law by accepting the respondent’s sureties when they applied for bail because they did not disclose the identity of the proposed sureties in the affidavit.

Justice Goundar also stated that there was no evidence to prove what the magistrate had stated in his ruling that in order to ensure the trial was expedited; the remand centre was not a place to prepare for such cases.

Loizos Petridis and Cleanthis Petridis allegedly conducted multiple transactions involving 400 foreign cards at BSP ATMs between December 12 and December 19.

The two have been remanded in custody and the case has been adjourned to April 20.

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