Judge describes woman as ‘evasive witness’

HIGH Court judge Justice Salesi Temo yesterday described the woman accused of setting her husband alight as an “evasive witness”.

He made the above remark after Marianne Premila Devi diverted from the question which was asked twice by her lawyer Lisiate Qetaki.

Mr Qetaki, during cross-examination, had questioned Ms Devi on what had happened to her husband when the paper that was on fire touched his pants.

Ms Devi responded and said she ran to the kitchen to fill a basin of water.

Justice Temo then told Ms Devi that her answer was not straightforward and it was not going accordingly.

The High Court judge said in any event, there was a sequence and Ms Devi had failed to carefully articulate what had really happened on the day when the alleged incident took place.

Ms Devi is charged with one count of murder.

The alleged incident took place on November 16, 2016.

Ms Devi allegedly threw a bowl of kerosene on her husband from head to toe and set him alight.

Her husband allegedly suffered third-degree burns and died on November 24, 2016.

Justice Temo will sum up the case to the three assessors next week Tuesday.

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