Joy and sorrow

Their induction as leaders was a proud moment tinged with some sorrow for two students of Ballantine Memorial School in Lami.

Twin sisters Nicky and Joyce Waqanivalu could only hope their mentor and the person who had moulded them to be who they were today, their late dad, was with them to witness their achievement.

Nicky was inducted as this year’s head girl while Joyce was inducted as a school prefect.

Elder sister, Sofa, who was at the ceremony with their mother, said the twins were told of their dad’s passing two years ago by a relative.

“As the youngest in the family, the news did not come about easy for them, even for us at home, we could not go to school to inform them that dad had passed on,” a soft-spoken Sofa shared. “They were both boarding students and dad passed away in the village, away from us when he went to visit our house in the village.

“With the assistance of an uncle, he managed to relay the news to them and this was when they believed that dad was no more.”

At the induction ceremony, Nicky could not hold back her tears as she thought of her dad and how she wished for him to witness one of his twins being inducted as the head girl of BMS. The twins, however, were happy their mum and elder sister were with them on this special day.

“But I believe he is with us today in spirit and he will be smiling at us from heaven as we are being badged.

“We had wished that he was here with us because he had wanted us to be boarders here at BMS until we finish our secondary school education.”

Nicky had been shouldered the responsibility as the deputy head girl right from Year 11, the same year their dad passed away. She said this had motivated her all along to be a great leader and someone other students could rely on.

Despite her achievements thus far, she believes she still has a long way to go to make her parents proud by completing her secondary studies on a high note.

As a pure science student, Nicky believes the Lord’s guidance will be her main weapon to conquer whatever may hinder her being at her best in the near future.

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