Kamal Deo is a car enthusiast who is glad to be home in Fiji after his family left for Canada during the height of the 1987 coup.

They were sugarcane planters living in Tova, Rakiraki when all dreams were shelved and the family was forced to flee for their safety.

I was in class six at the time and had no choice but to follow my family.

Deo, 43, now lives in Suva operating as a mechanic/spray painter and says moving back to Fiji was the best decision.

Even though Canada is more advanced, Deo said, it was not for him, and ever since he returned in 1991 he has never regretted it.

Deo is this week’s motoring personality. He features his Nissan Cefiro, Rb20e engine, 145hp, 17inch profile tyres and it’s street legal.

He said he had driven it up to 80kmph and he hasn’t tested its maximum speed yet. However it’s not exactly a race car, more a family one for Sunday cruises.

He said it was an old model car but strong

Deo said he bought this vehicle from the previous owner who had modified it and he only repaired the exhaust pipe.

His passion for cars has always been with him since childhood and owning a Subaru was one of his childhood dreams.

Kamal says his Nissan Cefiro is not about the destination by the journey. He had feature once on this edition for his work on another vehicle in which he worked tirelessly with his son Kaushik.

Together the father and son team worked on more than 20 cars, modifying and upgrading cars before reselling them.

Unlike average people that go to automat dealers to purchase a car, Kamal searches the scrapyards and approaches people with old cars.

Out of the lot of cars, he decided to keep one -the racing car he and his son put together.

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