Journey of her life

Tazmul Nisha with her granddaugter Ahiyla Khan at their home in Seaqaqa. Picture: LUISA QIOLEVU

Tazmul Nisha with her granddaugter Ahiyla Khan at their home in Seaqaqa. Picture: LUISA QIOLEVU

DESPITE her health condition, Tazmul Nisha still drives a tractor around a cane farm at Korovuli in Seaqaqa.

The 52-year-old mother of two is a kidney patient who will go out of her way to help manage their family farm near their home in Seaqaqa. In fact, that is exactly what she has done.

Ms Nisha, who in addition to being a mother is also a grandmother, still finds time to manage their family’s cane farm while baby sitting her three-year-old granddaughter Ahiyla Khan.

“My husband passed away in 2011 and since then I have been staying with my two children, a son and a daughter, who are both nurses,” she said.

Ms Nisha said her struggles had seen her two children through to nursing school and she continued to farm their family land of 20 acres.

“Getting my two children through to nursing school has been the biggest achievement of my life,” she said.

Ms Nisha said she sometimes had to step in and cart cane to the mill.

“I am the only woman in this area who takes cane to the sugar mill and I do it proudly to show the fact that women can do anything and everything if we put our heart and passion into it.

“I sometimes will wait in long lines and for hours with other male farmers and I don’t see any reason why it should be an odd thing to do,” she said.

“It might sound new for some people and a little bit awkward for some who actually see a woman driving a tractor full of cane, but I must say it’s a job that’s earning me money to support my family and I love it.”

Ms Nisha said the biggest problem she faced was the lack of labourers but that didn’t deter her from working even harder.

“I have gone past years of working in the cane fields and I am familiar with what to do so I am going to be just fine,” she said.

“Apart from my cane farm, I have 70 chicken, 20 cattle and 20 ducks that I keep for home use so we have no problem when it comes to food.”

Ms Nisha said her time management are important to her.

“I have a certain schedule that I follow every day and it never gets me wrong,” she said.

“I am always up so early at 4am every morning to make breakfast, prepare lunch for my two children and then the list of chores continues from there but before all that, my prayers are always the first thing that I do before I start my day.”

Ms Nisha said to achieve higher things in life, one must be willing to work towards the end of that journey.

“Life is a journey, work hard and prove the world that you can be the best,” she said.

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