Jope: Take up politics early

SOCIAL Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) youth president Jope Koroisavou says youths should take part in politics early in their career.

Mr Koroisavou said one of the drawback in Fiji’s politics was that most of the time politics was seen as a go to career after another career.

Mr Koroisavou said right now parliamentarians were professionals in other areas and were going into politics in their older age.

“And when you look at Australia, they have young politicians. New Zealand has its youngest ever prime minister in history. This goes with them by being involved in politics at a very young age.

“Politics is a career. It is not something that one can just go into suddenly. This is why we are having a lot of issues with our politics in the country at the moment because people are going into politics at a later age.”

He said there was a need to have the youth parliament set up in the country.

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