Joint fire investigation

A JOINT investigation is in progress by the Fiji Police Force and the National Fire Authority to find the cause of a fire that happened about 4pm at Lajonia in Labasa on Sunday.

Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro said the cause of fire was yet to be established.

A family of four at Lajonia in Labasa is devastated after the house they rented caught fire on Sunday afternoon.

Owner of the three-bedroom flat, Jennifer Waqabaca, said what could have been a lovely Sunday afternoon turned out to be the worst.

Mrs Waqabaca said they were still trying to come to terms with their loss.

They estimated the loss at $30,000.

“My husband and I had just got back that Sunday morning from our Saturday night shift,” she said.

“We picked our two children aged four and three from my parents place in Vitadra and came home.”

Mrs Waqabaca said they had lunch and went to sleep.

“We were all asleep in our bedroom and I remembered I had turned everything off before going to bed,” she said.

“After a few hours of deep sleep, I heard a loud bang at the back door through the kitchen and I woke up to check the time on my watch and it was exactly 4:00pm and I saw smoke coming from on top of the ceiling.”

Mrs Waqabaca quickly alerted her husband and two children and they all ran out of the house.

“The fire was coming out from an empty room which we always keep for our visitors and I don’t know how it caught fire.”

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