Joint campaign to focus on child labour, OHS

A JOINT campaign undertaken by the Ministry of Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations, the International Labour Organisation and the European Union will not only focus on child labour but also on occupational health and safety.

This was highlighted by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Employment Salaseini Daunabuna during the celebrations for the World Day against Child Labour held at the Tanoa Plaza Hotel yesterday afternoon.

Ms Daunabuna said the government had undertaken initiatives introduced to ensure a child labour free society.

“From the Fijian government perspective there have been numerous initiatives we have introduced to ensure a child labour free society and to ensure that every Fijian child is provided with the best possible care,” Ms Daunabuna said.

“If you look our constitution it specifically guarantees the rights of our children and that every Fijian child of school age is provided with free education.”

She added this year’s theme focuses on safety and health of children.

“If you see the theme this year in terms of child labour is generation safe and healthy, a focus on a global demand to end child labour and improve the working conditions of young workers worldwide,” she said.

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