Johra relives ordeal

SHARING our story is like reliving the nightmare we went through during sickness, says Johra Begum.

But this story, the breast cancer survivor revealed, is shared to help people understand and educate themselves that cancer is not a death sentence and it is something that can be cured if there is a will to survive and fight.

Ms Begum shared her story at the Post Fiji Pinktober morning tea held in Suva on Friday and it was also the first time for her to come out in public and reveal her experiences with breast cancer.

“My story started in October last year when I felt a lump under my breast so I had it checked at the CWM Hospital oncology department,” Ms Begum said.

“The doctors did all sorts of tests and I had a call from Dr Josese Turagava if I could come and see him with my husband.

“So he sat us down and he told me that I had breast cancer and I was in a denial mode……I hated the person who told me that news, I could not acknowledge it and I did not want to accept the fact I had cancer so I told my husband for us to go and get a second opinion.”

The couple then visited a private doctor but test results were the same so the only thing that came to mind was for her to accept the fact that she had cancer.

A full breast surgery followed and through faith and strength and the assistance of her sister Ruby Ali, Ms Begum completed her four chemotherapy sessions and is now on medication.

“I just want to tell everyone that it’s not only when you feel a lump then you go for a check, just for precaution, go and have a check.

“Your life can be saved, this cancer is not a death sentence as I thought earlier but through medication we can live.”

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