Jobless, school dropout concerns

Chiefly herald, Ro Dona Takalaiyale (right) speaking during the Rewa Provincial Council meeting at Burebasaga village.Picture ATU RASEA

A MAJOR concern for the people of Rewa is the high rate of unemployment and school dropout, says Marama na Roko Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu Kepa. She highlighted this while opening the Rewa Provincial Council meeting at Burebasaga Village in Rewa yesterday.

Ro Teimumu urged the people of Rewa to involve their children in training programs that could provide them employment.

“Just another aspect that we are concerned about is the education of our children, particularly those who are dropping out of the school system. “They need training — this is where the National Apprentice Scheme comes in,” she said.

Ro Temumu said a group from the Fiji National University would be present during the meeting today to elaborate more on their programs.

“We need training programs to upskill them.

This is very important for us as unemployment and lack of skill are high and they will need to know the required skills that are needed in an industry to avoid a mismatch.”

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