Job opportunities

INTEGRATING job creation in economic policy-making and development plans will not only generate decent work opportunities, but also robust, inclusive and poverty-reducing growth.

Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Jone Usamate made the statement at the APTC Suva graduation yesterday.

Mr Usamate said one of the ministry’s key focus areas was employment growth and decent work in all sectors and having a sustainable labour market through education and skills development.

“The training offered by institutions like APTC is a valuable contribution to the upskilling of vocational and trade workers in the Fijian workforce as well as encouraging employment growth,” he said.

“In my ministry’s annual corporate plan 2017-2018 we are committed to promoting and implementing an employment growth rate of 3 per cent of our registered National Employment Centre (NEC) clients.

“This also contributes to the long term Fiji Government vision of reducing the unemployment rate to less than 4 per cent over the next 20 years, as outlined in our draft 5-Year and 20-Year National Development Plan.”

Mr Usamate said the APTC had been responding to existing and future training needs by offering customised training packages for individuals in various sectors.

He said graduates from APTC could easily be absorbed into the various sectors as their qualification fit into these sectors.

Some of the customised training packages offered by APTC include the Certificate IV in New Small Business that has been recently offered in Fiji.

Yesterday the first cohort of 18 students graduated with Certificate IV in new small business.

“I believe this program is a great initiative to help develop small business owners take their business to the next level and potentially becoming employers themselves, contributing to national productivity.”

He said APTC’s extensive consultation with private sector employers allowed for employees to be provided with relevant skills.

“About 90 per cent of employers that employ APTC graduates have indicated their satisfaction with the level of skills. The Fijian Government recognises that investment in training and upskilling must be strengthened in order to achieve a more effective and productive workforce. Thank you APTC for your tireless efforts in upskilling Fijians who are now active members of the Fijian workforce.”

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