Jim blasts ex’s ‘greedy’ family

JIM Carrey has broken his silence following two weeks of heavily publicised attacks by his late ex-girlfriend’s family, saying Cathriona White’s mum and widower are just “seeking to cash out” on her tragic suicide.

Brigid Sweetman and White’s estranged husband, Mark Burton, have both filed wrongful death suits against the actor, which he trashed Tuesday in court documents as “shakedown lawsuits based on categorical lies concocted by Sweetman in collaboration with White’s ‘green card’ husband.”

“They are driven by greed,” Carrey writes in a motion, asking the Los Angeles Superior Court to freeze the proceedings until Sweetman proves she can fork over $372,700 to cover his litigation costs should her suit fizzle.

“Sweetman had no relationship with White, nor did she love her,” Carrey says. “She loves only money.”

Leading the legal assault on Carrey have been Sweetman’s continued insistence he release medical tests taken under an alias from 2013, to prove he didn’t give White chlamydia as well as genital and oral herpes.

“White would be horrified by the disclosure to the world of White’s medical history of sexually transmitted diseases,” Carrey’s new filing reads. “And by the false allegations that she contracted the diseases from Carrey in 2013.”

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