Jersey saves siblings

A JERSEY was all that kept Bimlesh Kumar and his sister alive when Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston lashed Dawasamu in Tailevu last week.

The almost 200km/hr winds destroyed their three-bedroom home, forcing the siblings and the rest of the family to take shelter in the concrete toilet and shower block. And the high winds threatened to suffocate Bimlesh and his sister making it difficult to breathe.

“We had to place the jersey over our mouths just to get a breath of fresh air. The winds and the rain were so fast,” Mr Kumar said.

He said the family were just sitting down to have a meal when the high winds began to cause damage to the house.

“By 5pm, the winds were very strong and they started to rip the house apart.

“My sister and I hid in the concrete toilet block and my other family members were in the next block.

“We were cold and shaking and the winds blew our fridge into the toilet door and almost pinned us against the wall.

“We had to push the door but we weren’t able to completely close the door.

“If a piece of corrugated iron had flown through the door we would not be here today,” Mr Kumar said.

He said the whole family was left with only the clothes on their backs.

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