Japan supports Tuvaluan power plant

The Tuvalu Prime Minister, Enele Sosene Sopoaga exchanging documents with the Japanese Ambassador, Masahiro Omura after the signing of the AUS$2.4 million for the procurement of diesel fuel for Tuvalu Electricity Corporation. Picture ATU RASEA.

THE Japanese Government today gave 2.4 million (AUD) to Tuvalu to help the country purchase diesel for its national power plant.

During the signing ceremony Japanese Ambassador Masahiro Omura said they were grateful for the opportunity to assist Tuvalu in this instance although they were also supporting its move towards renewable energy.

“Japan has been extended cooperation to the energy sector in Tuvalu for many years,” he said.

Mr Omura said they were supporting utilization of renewable energy in Tuvalu through technical cooperation by JICA called ‘The Project for Introduction of Hybrid Power Generation system.

Tuvaluan Prime Minister Enele Spoaga acknowledged the timely assistance.

“I am very grateful for the friendship that is being shared between the two countries,” he said.

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