Jale: 2006 coup left me jobless

New opposition member of parliament Anare Jale during the parliament opening yesterday. Picture: RAMA

OPPOSITION member of Parliament Anare Jale told Parliament that he was left unemployed and unrecognised after being removed from the civil service during the 2006 coup.

In his address to Parliament on Tuesday, the former chief executive officer of the then Public Service Commission said his road to enter Parliament after this year’s polls had not been without challenges.

“My story is one of struggles, perseverance, tolerance and resilience,” he said.

“After serving government as a civil servant for 36 years at the highest level, my career was abruptly and prematurely ended with my removal from office during the 2006 military coup and I am one of those individuals who fell victim without redress to any compensation for my remaining period of contract.”

Mr Jale also told Parliament that there were many experienced and highly qualified Fijians working abroad who would return to Fiji if given the opportunity.

“There is no need for the large number of expatriates who are serving in the various sectors of our economy when we have our own people qualified and able,” he added.

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