Jai Narayan laid to rest

Students of Jai Narayan College pay their last respects to the former principle and uducator of Jai Narayan College at school yesterday. Picture: RAMA

“HE single-handedly lifted the status of the Jai Narayan College from it ashes to its glorious heights, both structurally and academically.”

These were the words of Jai Narayan College chairperson Mehboob Raza during the funeral procession of the late former educationist and social worker Jai Narayan.

Mr Raza said the late Mr Narayan lifted the status of the school through his leadership and guidance, making it a premier school in Fiji.

Mr Narayan was described as a great man with a humble heart who had a passion to strive for the cause of education.

And as Mr Raza said, his character, integrity and professionalism was beyond any reproach.

“He was also the most unassuming person I ever had the privilege of knowing and in fact he was a true role model in every sense of the word,” he added.

Mr Narayan served as the principal of Jai Narayan College, a school that was named after him and has achieved so much academically and structurally, from producing students 100 per cent pass rate to building the very hall that he made his final journey to.

He was also described by his eldest son Dr Pradeep Narayan as a simple man with a humble heart who has simple values but yet inspired so many that have had the privilege of knowing him.

“Dad was known to help people or students who could not afford their education, we were having a conversation one day and suddenly his eyes lit up and he said, this is the first time in the history of our country that education has been made free,” he said.

Mr Narayan was considered as a timeless icon with his inspiring epitome of selfless love to one and all and the best educator to the students, the school’s head boy Mohamed Muzzamih Raza read in his eulogy.

“We are so privileged to have worked with such an amazing strong man, who had genuine care for members of this institution past and present, he had a way of making each one of us in the team feel like we were his favourite,” Raza said.

The funeral was attended by the Attorney General and Minister for Education Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, family and friends including the students and staff of Jai Narayan College.

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