IUCN establishes Pacific centre

THE International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) Oceania officially launched a new program, the Pacific Centre for Environmental Governance.

The program, which is based out of IUCN’s Suva office, aims to act as a centre of excellence and knowledge, which will provide world-class environmental governance support for Pacific Island decision-makers and to existing IUCN programs.

The program will operate as a knowledge and practice hub, using a collaborative, holistic and innovative approach underpinned by IUCN’s regional and international experience, knowledge and networks.

It places particular emphasis on linking leadership with law and policy, economics and people in order to inform decision-making processes.

Program head Andrew Foran said the Pacific could benefit from better approaches to environmental governance.

“Environmental governance is about how we make rules, implement and enforce them, with a sustainable future as our goal. It’s about informed, holistic decision-making,” Mr Foran said.

“Leadership provides the impetus and will, plus the courage to make difficult decisions, law and policy, provide the framework, rules and procedures, resource economics provides the market-based considerations and social policy provides the people and culture considerations.”

Mr Foran said given that the Pacific played host to some of the world’s most important ecosystems and a very precious share of the planet’s bio-diversity, it was key that decision-making took into account good governance.

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