iTaukei ministry revitalises indigenous cultural totems

BETWEEN 2009 and 2018, the Ministry of iTaukei has revitalised 18 Indigenous Culture and Heritage (ICH) types in iTaukei communities around the country.

These ICH types include traditional mats, pottery, baskets, traditional chants and other iTaukei crafts.

This was revealed in the 2018 Fiji Indigenous Culture and Heritage (ICH) country report where the ministry also revealed that they were undertaking a cultural mapping program that began in 2006 before it was broadened after ratification by the ministry in 2010.

“ICH gathering and capturing include pre-field archival research, digital audio voice recording and video recording of raw data,” the report stated.

“Edited ICH in text format, audio and video files are taken back to the various levels in the community for their verification and amendment before it is stored in a database.”

Information gathered during these mapping exercises is kept by the ministry and taught to communities that wished to revitalise their knowledge on their indigenous crafts.

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